A man who has a little knowledge about the condition of the Muslims in India can not deny it that the Dini Madaris and the Islamic educational Institutions are performing a very important role in publishing and spreading education, and faith in religion (Islam). In the Western India, there is a very big state U.P. The polytheism and innovation is inforce all around in the state especially in Bareilly and nearby where there is a few number of Ahle -Hadees. That is why to stop the activities of above written false organization and its false propaganda there needed to establish such a institution to protect the faith of Muslims and their generation. Therefore the Organization of Ahle-Hadees of North Western U.P. established a Islamic Dini Institution named Al-Mahad-ul Islami As-Salafi Richha, in 1982. After wards this Institution is trying its best to achieve its objects for which it is established.


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    map4 Al-Mahadul Islami As-Salafi is situated at Richha, Richha is are town of (Bans) Bareilly ‘a district...

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    download Brothers! Al-Mahadul Islami As-Salafi is your religious institution. Its goal is only to serve Islam, true...

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